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Hosted Exchange setup guide - iPhone and iPad (english)

Below is a guide to Smartphone setup for your Exchange account. It is also possible to download our PDF guide and you are welcome to save locally, send to a friend or print to your colleagues.

PDF guide - Smartphone Exchange-configuration


With this manual, you will be able to configure a Complete Exchange account on your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.


Before you start it is expected that you have already created your Exchange account in your Exchange control panel and thereby know your username (e-mail address) and password for your account.

Find more help at / General / ActiveSync, where the most common mobile devices is listed.

Some older versions of smartphones will not be compatible, and thereby not possible to synchronize with your Exchange account. Instead, you can configure the account as POP/IMAP, which can only synchronize mail on your device.

Common information

The following three points are essential for configuration of your Smartphone/mobile device, but can vary depending on which edition/model and brand you use:

  1. Server:
  2. Username: [your e-mail address] or [your ”Windows-domain\Username”]
  3. Domain: mailcloud or [blank]

Important! Once you have completed the configuration, a full synchronization will begin. Depending on your internet connection, amount of data and speed of your smartphone it can take between 5-10 minutes before you are able to see the content of your ‘inbox’, ‘contacts’ and ‘calendar’.

Note! You can find your ”Windows-domain\Username” at under the menu item ”General”.

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