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How to log on SpamExperts (English)

Below, you will find ScanNet’s manual to log on to SpamExperts for the first time.

SpamExperts is an extended spam filter with many options to control and configure wanted and unwanted emails.

It is also possible to download a PDF-version of this manual that you can save to your computer.

Download manual as PDF

Before you start

In order to complete this guide, you must have the following prepared:

  • A SpamExperts subscription at ScanNet


This manual is based on the Google Chrome browser. The names and images may vary, if you use a different browser. 

How to log in for the first time

Open the URL in your browser.

Press the button ”Retrieve log-in link” (image 1)

Enter your email address in the field. Then press ”Submit” (image 2).

You will receive an email in your inbox. In the email, press the link “Set password” (image 3).

Enter your desired password in the fields ”New password” and ”Confirm new password” (image 4). Then press ”Save”.

You have now created your account, and you will be sent to your SpamExperts dashboard (image 5). More manuals for the use of SpamExperts are available on  

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