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TS Gateway setup (english)

Below is a guide to TS Gateway setup for your remote desktop connection. It is also possible to download our PDF guide and you are welcome to save locally, send to a friend or print to your colleagues.


PDF instructions - TS Gateway setup (English)



With this guide you will be able to connect to your remote desktop with Microsoft RDP client (Remote Desktop Connection) through A/S ScanNet TS Gateway.



With your IT outsourcing agreement with A/S ScanNet you should at this stage, having received a username and password to be used for that you can implement this guidance.


Editing RDP client

After having saved the RDP client for example on your local desktop, edit or add your username.

Right-click the new icon (RDP client) and select 'Edit'.

In the next section 'User' you'll see, which field to edit, marked with red. Are you having trouble logging in, see the last section FAQ / FAQ on page 7.



In the 'Computer'-field, type in HID-xxxxxxx, that is your unique ID to the server at ScanNet and that you should not change.

Fill in the 'User' (your email address) the first time you log on to remote desktop.

If you click 'Save', the computer will remember your username. For login click 'Connect'.


Screen size and resolution

Do you want to change the screen size or number of colors, see tab 'Display', where you have the opportunity to change this. You should be aware that these settings affect the speed to remote the desktop.

If you have two monitors connected to your computer, you can tick 'Use all my monitors for the remote session' and you'll see the remote desktop, as you know it from your local computer.


Connect with printer and hard drives

Under the tab 'Local Resources' see 'Local devices and resources'.

Basically, all elements are on and it means that the following things will be active on the remote desktop: Printers, Clipboard, smart card, Ports, Drives and PnP devices.

It can affect the speed that all the items are on your desktop, so you can deselect the unnecessary things.


Connection speed

If you are experiencing general performance issues with your remote desktop, you should choose a lower speed connection.


The connection settings

Click on 'Settings...' under the heading 'Connect from anywhere'.

Under 'Connection Settings', select 'Use these RD Gateway…' and write: '' in the 'Server name'.

In 'Logon Method' select 'Ask for password (NTLM)'. Tick the 'Override RD Gateway server for local addresses'.

Under 'Logon settings' puts tick on 'Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer'.


FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

I do not know or can not remember the password?
- If it's the first time you log on to the system, you should have gotten the code from your IT contact person in the company. If you have previously logged in, please get in touch with A/S ScanNet support tel 75 53 35 00, which will transmit a new code.

Login says '@mit-domæ' in the user name and password will not be approved?
- You do not use the correct e-mail address. You need to type in the full e-mail address, example 'hans.hansen@mit-domæ'. See section 'User' above.

Remote Desktop - cannot find computer "HID-xxxxxxx"...?
- This is often one of two things: 1) RDP client must be at least v6.1, which requires Windows XP SP3. NET 3.5 SP1, Vista or Windows 7. 2) The connection settings are not set properly and you should review the 'Connection settings' above.

I use an Apple Mac and cannot connect?
- There is no official RDP client, which is supported on the Mac. It is therefore not possible to connect to remote desktop.

There are no printers on remote desktop and 'Printers' are checked under 'Local Resources'?
- Check that the Microsoft NET 3.5 or later is installed on your local computer.

After entering the password and connect, the computer attempts to connect, but 'times out'?
- Have you tried to log on to your profile from another computer with success, there might be an error on your local computer. Verify that Windows own firewall or other software is not blocking the connection (eg., Symantec (Network protection)).

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