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Citrix Setup (English)

Below is a guide to Citrix setup for your remote desktop connection. It is also possible to download our PDF guide and you are welcome to save locally, send to a friend or print to your colleagues.


PDF instructions - Citrix setup (English)



With this guidance you can establish the connection to your remote desktop through the Citrix Client with Internet Explore on a computer with Windows operating system.

In your IT-outsourcing agreement with ScanNet, you should by now have received a user name and passwords which you need too use too implement this guidance.


Step 1.

Start your web browser and enter the address Login with your "User name" (e-mail) and "Password".


Step 2.

Before you can "Download Client" you have to tick the check box "By selecting the check box, you confirm that you have read, understand, and accept the Citrix license agreement.".

Click "Download", "Run" and "Run".

Final step in installing the client is to allow an ActiveX component. Click on the info-bar "This website wants to run the following add-on…" and "Run ActiveX Control".

Click "Run".


Step 3.

Notice the warning in the tab "Messages", click on "Messages".

To solve this warning you need to complete following steps:

- Click on "Tools".
- Click on "Internet Options".
- Click on the tab "Security".
- The site should already be typed in for you in the field, click the "Add" button.
- Click "OK" twice to exit the option windows.


Step 4.

If you want to change your settings click the tab "Preferences" where you have various options.


Step 5.

Now you are now to start your desktop. Click on "Desktop - [you company name]".


Step 6.

Change default language from Danish to English:
- Click "Start".
- Open "Kontrolpanel".
- Open "Internationale/sproglige indstillinger".
- Choose tab "Tastaturlayout og sprog". Select "Vælg et grænsefladesprog" select "English".
- Click "OK".

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